We specialize in bad credit mortgages

If you happen to have bad credit, you can take advantage of our bad credit mortgages option.

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There are options even with bad credit

We offer multiple solutions for bad credit mortgages

If you don’t have great credit but still need a mortgage, our team can help. Not all of our clients have a great credit score. There are many reasons why your credit can be suffering, and not all of them are linked to poor management of money. Many Canadians are experiencing life events that have a major financial impact. Losing your job, an unexpected illness, bills piling up, along with other factors may all hurt your credit rating.

When looking for a bad credit mortgage, we understand that you might face difficulties. But don’t worry; bad credit can be subjective. The way your credit score and history can be viewed by banks and other lenders can vary.

How we can get you approved for a bad credit mortgage

Approval for a bad credit mortgage rely on a variety of factors. The valuation of the loan, the property and your unique situation will all contribute to your ability to secure a bad credit mortgage. What makes us special is our position in the industry. When you apply for a bad credit mortgage, you will be accepted based on your home equity, not your current credit rating. We will work hard to get you the mortgage you want while simultaneously improving you credit.

If you have debt, low income, or bad credit, we can help. Our bad credit mortgage options allows you to use your home equity to consolidate your debt and convert high interest payments from credit cards and other loans into one low-manageable monthly payment, irrespective of your credit.

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